Malunga Malur ‚Äď Music for Healing

The music of Malun¬≠ga Malur tou¬≠ches the soul and opens the heart. Sal¬≠va¬≠ti¬≠on sin¬≠ger Vanes¬≠sa Venus and heart musi¬≠ci¬≠an Trent Pfis¬≠te¬≠rer play their music out of the moment: spon¬≠ta¬≠ne¬≠ous varia¬≠ti¬≠ons ari¬≠se in a soul lan¬≠guage, accom¬≠pa¬≠nied by warm gui¬≠tar sounds. Each song is uni¬≠que ‚Äď car¬≠ri¬≠ed by the power of love ‚Äď and always reflects the pre¬≠sent moment. The instru¬≠ments are tun¬≠ed exclu¬≠si¬≠ve¬≠ly in the heart rate of 432 Hz.

The spon­ta­n­ei­ty and crea­ti­vi­ty that is shown while play­ing is an audi­ble and tan­gi­ble expres­si­on of the con­nec­tion with the divi­ne being. All songs the­re­fo­re always have a direct con­nec­tion to the audience’s presence.

Malun­ga Malur’s con­cern is to touch people’s hearts and bring them to their hig­hest con­scious­ness. Music brings them back into con­ta­ct with their hig­her self and healing. Let yourself be sur­pri­sed and dis­co­ver a new dimension!


Live Recordings

  1. Gro¬≠wing Ener¬≠gy (live recording) Malun¬≠ga Malur 6:20
  2. Reli¬≠ef (live recording) Malun¬≠ga Malur 2:24
  3. See (live recording) Malun¬≠ga Malur 4:42
  4. Sal¬≠va¬≠ti¬≠on (live recording) Malun¬≠ga Malur 4:52
  5. New Year Eve 2020 (live recording) Malun¬≠ga Malur 4:44
  6. Music makes the World ‚Äď Con¬≠nec¬≠tion (live recording) Malun¬≠ga Malur 2:26